Monsanto, GMO and Spawns of Satan

evil foodFood, food glorious food.  I love it, but I also hate it. I love the taste and the smell of meat on the barbeque or the scrumptious taste of a cheeseburger or a ripe juicy berry in summer.  What I hate is the politics of food.  Corporate mongers have GMOed (genetically modified) food so bad the new plants don’t even resemble what nature originally gave us. Sadly, there is not a child on the planet that has had the pleasure of tasting a non- GMO strawberry (unless they grow their own). And the biggest evil incarnate is Monsanto.  Not only are they creating potentially toxic food but they are also the most unethical company on the planet.

We all need to be aware of what we are putting into our bodies and who is creating these horrible products.  The modification of our food is so bad that your grand, grand children are going to say while pointing to a picture in an ancient copy of Wikipedia; “Grandpa, what is this tall grassy plant called?”  “Wheat, we used to make bread and cakes  with it. Grandpa, you mean wheat isn’t purple?”   Food is food, right? No food is what makes us strikingly healthy organisms.  If  the food we put  in us is harmful, what does that make us?

My awareness started with a friend of mine handing me a don’t buy Monsanto  list – the world’s most evil corporation. As a result, I’ve been selectively eliminating items off the list. Most of the crap I don’t use anyway, but I can’t believe how hard it is to find pit rub (underarm deodorant) not made by a spawn of Satan, like Unilever or Procter and Gamble, a family corporation (yea right, if you want three headed children).

I decided to go deodorant free.   That lasted a week.   Same friend who gave me the evil incarnate list said if I was not going to use deodorant she’d move across the office, so for the sake of our friendship, I now smell like a mixture of Non-GMO lilac and rosemary.  My friend now walks by my cubicle at Usain Bolt speed. I think the herbal mixture is worse than my natural odor.  I’m not sure what`s worse – BO or NON-GMO.

And check it out … Doritos are on the list.  I cried for weeks over that one.  But not only are the chips made by an evil corporation, they also contain corn – the most GMOed plant on the planet.  However, I did find an alternative – homemade salsa (they haven’t GMOed cilantro and tomatoes from my garden yet) accompanied with organic blue corn chips and they are actually better than the commercially produced bag of salt made by Frito-Lay, a Monsanto devil child.  So if you want to escape the evil clutches of corporate hell, make your  own food.

You are what you eat and right now my diet is restricted to NON GMO, Non-monsanto (they don’t deserve capitalization) food which means I am eating that lovely lilac and rosemary pit rub as we speak.  And unfortunately today, food is politics.  How the hell did we get here?

Thanks to  nhiluu97 for the fancy graphic.


3 responses to “Monsanto, GMO and Spawns of Satan

  1. Remember when Y2K was the greatest threat to mankind. Now it’s GMOs… and on and on it goes.

  2. congrats on choosing not to eat GMO…

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