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So it’s official. I’m an Olympic junkie. I know. I know. Over commercialized. Too much hype. And some have referred to Olympic gold medals as GDP (Gross Domestic Product) golds. Those with a high GDP get gold medals (and unfortunately too true – China, the US, Great Britian, South Korea and France were leading at last count.).

However, I don’t care. My lovely addiction has reared its podium head in so many forms. When I ride my bike to work, I sprint the last hundred meters with my bike rocking back and forth like a canoe on the Olympic white water course at Lee Valley. I stay up past midnight nearly every night watching the fourteen hours of Olympics I have recorded. When I go to the bathroom I get into a sprinters crouch and fly to the loo (and see I’m even using English terms). To say nothing of the synchronized office chairs my work mates and I have been practicing (perhaps a new Olympic sport?). And on my 10 k run a few days ago, I set a new world and Olympic record. Too bad no one saw it. Funny how all my work outs these days are crisp and record breaking.

The sports and the athletes are incredible. I can’t imagine how much dedication and hard work it takes to get to the Olympics, a dream of every kid who ever played table tennis or dove into the pool, doing a cannonball or jack-knife. Yes, the sports – women’s beach volleyball and the clever signals on bikini bottoms (funny how they started with this sport to pique viewer interest, especially of the male gender). I have no reason why indoor volleyball isn’t a professional sport – it’s so quick, powerful and they wear cool shorts too.

But the best aspect is watching sports I only get to see every four years like Judo, which is really Japanese wrestling with fancy names like Yuko, Fusen Gachi and Waza Ari and wasabi (oops), but still great to watch. And water polo. How can these guys stay in the water so long? Can you imagine how “pruned” their entire body gets? And a polo penalty box? How absolutely Canadian!

I did find a few curiosities, however. What’s up with field hockey? Really? A blue field with pink trim and it’s not even a field. The pitch is some kind of spongy giant yoga mat. I thought the sport was played on grass. I also have to say that I’m very impressed with our Canadian women’s gymnastics team. They are so happy to be at the Olympics and exceeded all expectations by finishing fifth. They exemplified the Olympic spirit. Meanwhile, the spoilt Russian gymnastic team cried because they ONLY got silver. Are you serious? I don’t know but on my playground, you’d be sent home.

And then there’s the 16-year-old Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen. Is the press so bored that all they can do is point doping fingers at the kid? Look everyone who wins a medal is tested, so shut up, until you have proof. On my playground, you’s get popped in the nose for crap like that.

Yep bring on, the rowers, the white water canoeists, shot putters. I can’t seem to get enough. Now excuse me while I go practice my synchronized office chair spin-o-rama with a half gainer into the office bathroom, thinking I’m just happy to be here representing my wonderful country. I wonder if there’s any chance to meet Christine Sinclair? Ah, maybe Brazil in 2016

One response to “The Olympic Blog

  1. you have the ring symbol at the top. I’m telling. you be sued!
    Oh, by the way, you watch television? I thought you were an intellectual. I have not turned it on since the canucks were ousted.
    Now go outside and play.

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