Sunshine in your Coffee – top ten morning songs

OK, OK. I usually hate top ten lists, but this collection will make your day better, happier, uplifting even. So what’s wrong with a little sunshine in your coffee? Even if it comes in a top ten list.

Anyway here’s my top ten morning songs… set your radio, phone, whatever you use or need to get your day going. I tried to make the links commercial free because who needs advertising to start your day? It’s about the music, so I also chose sound quality over video

Insert smiley face here. Have a great day. Someone loves you.

10. Good Day Sunshine / The Beatles
Exactly…Good Day Sunshine. Thanks Sir Paul, such an upbeat song and that piano dancing along with your feet as they hit the ground. Yes, it’s hot, “Burns my feet as they touch the ground.” Must be baked by now, eh Paul? And don’t we all love that lass named sunshine. Warms your soul she does.

9. Running down a dream / Tom Petty
What a way to start the day. Road trip? I call a road trip. SHOT GUN! “It was a beautiful day …me and Jer (Dell) were singing a little Run Away.” The road that leads to dreams, “There’s something good waitin’ down the road.” Isn’t there always? It’s never too late or early to hit the road of dreams. Chase it. Start the day by running down a dream.

8. I Wish / Stevie Wonder
Now if Stevie can’t get you moving, you seriously need a prescription (see Carol King). And it’s great to look back on a time in our lives when life was precious and easier, a time when we didn’t have any responsibility, when our only worry, “Was for Christmas what would be my toy,” but more importantly, it wasn’t the toy, “We were happy with the Joy the day would bring.” And if you can’t find joy, “sneak out the back door” and “write something nasty on the wall,” oh yea.

7. Billy Jean / Michael Jackson
No politics. Nothing. Just a good vibe. The song makes you wanna get up and dance. See, I’m moon walking right now. Well, sort of – running shoes on carpet is not the best environment for a little MJ pretending. Ummm maybe not the best guy to emulate, but hey right now it’s 1983 and Michael isn’t pretending he’s Peter Pan.

6. Breakdown / Jack Johnson
Now we are not talking about a mental breakdown, but wouldn’t it be nice if your car broke down on the way to work and you got out and took a leisurely walk outside. Explore your world. There is so much to see and do. Slow down and enjoy… “All the people in the street / Walk as fast as their feet can take them.” Join your own rat race. (And if your car doesn’t breakdown see Tom Petty.)

5. Beautiful / Carol King
“You gotta get up every morning with a smile on your face.” Now we all can’t be total happy freaks every day. I don’t really trust these kind of people. Either they’re on Prozac or they’ve been living in a cave for the last two decades. Anyway, we are all beautiful and we need to believe it and tell ourselves this every morning. Look in the mirror and say, “You’re beautiful…” And if that doesn’t work pop some Prozac and move into a cave.

4. Hey, Hey, Hey / Michael Franti
Because it’s Michael Franti, a man of peace, hope and vision. And if there’s one mantra I love, it’s live for the day , “Don’t let another moment slip away” and “Don’t let nobody tell you it couldn’t be done.” OK, double negative, but that’s not the point. Live your dreams.

3. Beautiful Day / U2
Explore your world and don’t see it in black and white – green and blue, perhaps, or maybe through those freakish glasses Bono wears. Live it, see it, and love it, “See the tuna fleets clearing the sea out/ See the Bedouin fires at night / the world is right in front of you…” Sometimes we take too many things for granted. Every day is a beautiful day. And the very poignant line “What you don’t have you don’t need it now.” How true. Be happy with what you have. And park the Visa card for a month. Do you really need another sack of hammers?

2. Three Little Birds / Bob Marley
Really, chill. Why start the day in a panic (see Prozac, if you can’t do it on your own). “Don’t worry…Everything gonna be all right.” Chill. Look out the window and be happy for what you have. Watch the sunrise, “Smile with the risin’ sun.” And yes, I saw him in 1979, my claim to fame.

1. Long Train Running / The Doobie Brothers
Start the day with love. I mean really,“Without love, where would we be now?” The quintessential question of life. Something we can’t get enough of. Love is the ultimate way to get your morning going. The guitar riff alone is enough to put a jump in your day. What do you need? Maybe a train to catch and get the hell outta here.

Basically make a playlist, pop some Prozac and hit the road…. Enjoy the day, week and month.


166 Replies to “Sunshine in your Coffee – top ten morning songs”

  1. Great list!
    One of the things I love about Michael Franti is that some of his songs can make me feel incredibly upbeat and positive and others can raise my ire & spark some outrage. Either way, inspiring.
    “Three Little Birds” was my childbirthing song . Never fails to make me feel like everything is ok with the world.

  2. Very cool shares! I am honored to have been fortunate enough to have left the first of many comments you’ll be receiving now that you’ve been Freshly Pressed!

  3. I find a bucket of iced water over the head also helps, though the music is far more pleasant, a little less messy – and unlikely to result in someone being punched.

    Great post! Congrats! 😀

  4. Nice list ! I would also recommend “Top of the world” but the Carpenters …Every word in the song is so refreshing and full of energy 🙂 Perfect morning song !!

  5. Great choices, especially Michael Franti and Spearhead, the ultimate sunshine sound. An awesome song that reminds me to hope and never let go of optimism. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  6. Amazing how good music can jump start your day 🙂 here is my list in no particular order; Katrina and the Waves- Walking on Sunshine, The Beatles- Ere Comes the Sun, Kirk Franklin- My Life is in your hands, Ed Sheeran- Give Me Love, Maroon Five ft Christina Aguilera- Moves Like Jagger, Micheal Jackson- The Way You Make Me Feel, Destiny’s Child – Happy Face, Adele – Rumour has it.

    1. Wow you have so many of the ones I wanted to add… my number one is Katrina and the Waves- Walking on Sunshine, two is Jackson 5 – ABC, Adele – Rumour has it, MJ – The way you make me feel, and if it looks like a really bad day and I need some serious pepp… Nirvana – Smells like Teen Spirit or pretty much anything by ACDC 🙂

  7. Amazing how good music can jump start your day 🙂 here is my list in no particular order; Katrina and the Waves- Walking on Sunshine, The Beatles- Ere Comes the Sun, Kirk Franklin- My Life is in your hands, Ed Sheeran- Give Me Love, Maroon Five ft Christina Aguilera- Moves Like Jagger, Micheal Jackson- The Way You Make Me Feel, Destiny’s Child – Happy Face, Adele – Rumour has it, Jason Mraz- Lucky, Ron Pope – A Drop in the Ocean.

  8. Yes! Billy Jean and Beautiful Day are about the best songs ever. They’re in my top 5 favourite songs and, whenever I listen to them, my day suddenly becomes awesome.

    Great post! 🙂

  9. There are some breath taking classical pieces that I don’t know who composed, or what they are called, but when I hear them, I know that I want THESE setting the tone for my morning. On the other hand, many of your favorite morning tunes look perfect for my evening workouts! The prozac is the pink elephant in the room… not sure what to say about that, except I suppose I use something other than prozac, heh heh.

  10. I really appreciate this post today. Thank you. I started my day waking up from a nightmare, out of breath trying to figure out if I was okay, in serious need of a hug (and I am not a nightmare kind of girl). Then when I actually got out of bed, it was late, there was no coffee in the house and I got a phone call from a friend in need of a friend who was having a bad day (and I was in no space to hold space)…. When I went to get coffee, I walked and had a coffee spill…. not to mention, I’m battling a chemical burn right now and when I looked in the mirror, it appeared as if someone had punched me in both of my eyes…. and they actually hurt. Yep, not an easy start. I do so apprciate this post because it brought me back to my center. Everything will be alright. Deep Breath.

    Thank you again,

  11. Good morning! Good mMorning! it’s great to stay up late! Good morning, good morning, to you! Sometimes I’ll purposely play these songs on a CD player to wake me up in the morning. 🙂

  12. A fun list – now I’m thinking of what my personal list would be! The first one that comes to mind is “Good Morning Starshine”. Gliddy gloop gloopy! And I’ll add my thumbs up for the Doobie Brothers – saw them live under the stars in Nakusp last summer. You are spot on about the guitar riff!

  13. I could do without the Doobie Bros, but the other songs are morning songs. I used to get the DB songs stuck in my head back in the 70s, and then have nightmares about it.

  14. Morning songs if you want to dance your way out of bed! Thanks for a great list – loving the Doobies – am rocking my way through making dinner right now 🙂

  15. How about the entire album, “Time”, by the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) (1981)? That’ll get you moving!

    And something totally different that’s the most energizing high-flying music I’ve ever heard–that of Pakistani Qawwali Singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. If you’ve never heard of him, pick up “The Greatest Hits of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan” and “Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Greatest Hits Volume 2”. I guarantee you a good morning, if you listen to these!

  16. Whenever U2’s “Beautiful Day” comes spontaneously on the radio or my iPod during my morning commute, I know it’s going to be a great day. Great collection of songs! Congratulations on getting Freshly Pressed!

  17. This is a good list…I can hear cars speakers thumping as they go down the road! Another Beatles song I love in the am…”Good Morning”…gotta like those chickens kickin’ in…!

  18. ‘Running Down a Dream’ plays well anytime – but a fabulous morning choice! Before i started reading I thought ‘Good Day Sunshine’ which screams goood morning!
    Thanks for the great list!

  19. Cool list! You even had some songs on there I’d never heard before,so thanks for expanding my musical horizons. Two of my morning favorites that didn’t make your list are “Yellow Submarine” (Beatles) and “Roadhouse” (Doors).

    Congratulations on making the Freshly Pressed grade!

  20. Definitely a good start. But if for once you have a very slow start and feel you need that extra cup of coffee, why not try ‘Morning Glory” by Leonard Cohen 😉 Sometimes a whiff of joy about what was and will never be again.
    Or maybe it will? Oh, the morning glory.

  21. There was this one time my alarm clock radio was playing “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel. The fact that he is one of my favourite singers and didn’t usually recieve much airtime on this station meant that I started that day REALLY cheerful…

  22. TOTALLY agree with U2 and MJ.

    Would also like to suggest Valarie — Amy Winehouse for a smooth, subtle wake up….and Bombs Over Baghdad — OutKast just to jolt your butt out of bed.

    Great post.

  23. This is a great list!
    I make themed CDs all the time, and am more literal than you: here is my Good Morning CD that I play while doing stretches;

    O what a Beautiful Morning–from Oklahoma
    Morning Morgantown–Joni Mitchell
    Loves in Need of Love Today–Stevie Wonder
    Chelsea Morning–Joni Mitchell
    Another Day–James Taylor
    Waterfall–Chris Williamson
    Everyday–James Taylor
    Morning Morning–Richie Havens
    Good Mornin’ Life–Dean Martin
    Beautiful–Carole King
    Here Comes the Sun–Richie Havens
    Good Day Sunshine–Beatles
    Blue Morning Blue Day–Foreigner
    Hurts Like the Devil–Cris Williamson
    Sunny Sunday–Joni Mitchell
    Fire and Rain–James Taylor
    Good Morning Heartache–Tony Bennett w.S. Wonder
    Everyday I Have the Blues– ” “ “
    Good Morning Good Morning–Beatles

  24. Thank you for this post and for sharing. Now, I’m gonna make Hey, hey, hey my morning’s song. Totally brings positive vibes. Lovely and much thanks! (:

  25. Took a day off work today, as I was feeling sorry for myself. Too many stresses hitting me at once.
    Smile on my face and grooving in my chair.

    Thank you. Now if someone could teach me how to download these to my IPAD for the bus in the morning.

  26. “Either they’re on Prozac or they’ve been living in a cave for the last two decades.”

    I know exactly what you are talking about! Stability, people!
    Good list. It’s kind of nice you left out the obvious like Good Morning Star Shine, Here Comes the Sun, Walking on Sunshine. My only addition might sound odd but I can safely say from experience that We Are Golden by Mika is a terrific morning song.

  27. Breakdown and Beautiful Day have got to be my favourites from the list you made – good choices. I reckon Corinne Bailey’s Rae’s Put Your Records On must have been alluding to Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds don’t you think? After all, it starts with three little birds on her window… Rae’s Put Your Record On could easily be added to the ultimate morning music list.

  28. It’s the springtime saying I’m back again – Robbie Seay Band

    “There’s a suggestion of spring in the sun rays which serve as a natural alarm clock, nudging us to a new day. It’s on these early March mornings, when we’re confronted by the sun’s clarity, that we need ‘hope, coffee, and melody’ as much as ever (Robbie Seay Band, New Day).

    So, let me suggest Chris Rice or the Robbie Seay Band for a morning melody, Douwe Egberts or Lavazza for a coffee which won’t disappoint, and as for hope – I’ve saved the best till last…” (read the rest of this post here:

  29. Thank you for the awesome music! I now have to figure out how to get each one on my phone & computer to play every morning to inspire! Love the songs & your writing before each one & the video’s are perfect!

  30. Love your list! Beautiful Day is my go-to happy song.

    My happy play list includes Natasha Bedingfield’s Unwritten, Louis Armstrong’s Wonderful World, Christina Aguilera’s Soar, Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys, Jason Mraz’s Freedom Song and Life is Wonderful, and Michael Buble’s Feeling Good.

  31. Ben Howard – “Keep Your Head Up”

    The Avett Brothers – “Kick Drum Heart”

    The Black Keys – “Gold On The Ceiling”

    Coldplay – “Don’t Panic”

    The Coral – “Dreaming of You”

    The Shins – “Caring Is Creepy”

    Sam Sparro – “21st Century Life”

    Maroon 5 – “Kiwi”

  32. You totally forgot one of my favorite morning songs… Get up off of that thing! – James Brown
    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! Rock on!

  33. So glad you included Bob Marley—
    “Don’t worry about a thing. Every little thing’s gonna be alright.”

    Good selections and congrats on Freshly pressed

  34. GREAT LIST! 😀
    I love listening to music to set my mood in the morning. Sometimes, if I have a LOT to do, I will change the playlist to something upbeat, fast paced and inspiring. Gets the blood moving better than coffee! (ok, almost better than coffee)

  35. Hello- I love your post and I love the songs suggested- I actually created a playlist based on this and a few others. However- I have a technical question- I am new to WordPress and I cannot figure out for the life of me how to get a youtube video into my posts, it just keeps posting the link. I’ve read a few things online and still cannot figure it out. Any suggestions??

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    I’ll bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I am quite certain I will learn a lot of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

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    I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Appreciate it!

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